Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Emma, business owner and artist behind Lakeline Design.

Lakeline Design is founded on the perfectly unique “lines” of “lake” bathymetry contours and the combination of my passions for art and the lake. Over the past two years, I’ve created a collection of digitally illustrated depth designs from lakes ranging across the nation. 

Owning and operating a business is something I deeply love, and nothing beats doing what you love. There is a wild feeling behind building passions from the ground up into something shareable. As both an artist, lake lover, and business owner, having a shared connection between my supporters, customers, and fellow lake lovers, is an incredible experience that I will forever appreciate. It truly is remarkable. 

Without your continuous support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank YOU for encouraging my dreams and riding along on this wild adventure.

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